Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aiming for a Civil War Bounty

Next week, at the Little Rock Film Festival in Arkansas, a group of filmmakers who work professionally under the mantle of Wide Awake Films will debut a just-shot extended investor pitch for their ambitious planned Civil War historical epic Arkansas Traveler. And you can tell these guys have been around the block a few times, because ahead of the June presentation sneak peak, they have already wrangled a major piece of media coverage in their hometown newspaper the Kansas City Star, which appears in print tomorrow, Sunday, May 30th, but can already be viewed online.

This is no hand-me-down drama; as director Sean Bridgers recently guided period re-enactors alongside west coast pros such as Garrett Dillahunt and Angela Bettis, he was firmly focused on the idea of eventually landing a $10 million budget for the tale, which he and his colleagues see among other things as possibly perfect HBO fare. Given the fact that Bridgers played simpleton Johnny Burns on the series Deadwood, one would imagine that he can get through that saloon door if and when necessary. Bridgers previously made the unreleased 1997 Depression-era drama Paradise Falls.

[Wide Awake Films]

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