Monday, May 24, 2010

Battlestar Valencia

So how do you make a Brooklyn mob drama in Florida for under $1 million while still finding room in the budget to hire Battlestar Galactica name brand Richard Hatch to play the supporting role of a priest? A big part of the answer comes from Orlando's Valencia Community College, an institution whose film program ranks were thoroughly tapped to provide below-the-line crew for the just wrapped drama Dead by Friday.

Up until now, the most famous Valencia celebrity alumnus has arguably been Scott Stapp, former lead singer of the rock group Creed. But perhaps the efforts of graduate-cinematographer Kevin J. Burroughs and his fellow VCC hopefuls can soon change that. Written and directed by Ric La Monte (The Tenant, Night Terror), Dead by Friday tells the story of four lifelong friends who must wrestle with the deadly business of what it takes to become "made" mafia men.

[Dead by Friday]

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