Friday, May 21, 2010

Son of Quincy

Far from the celebrity madding crowd, Jack Klugman's son Adam has carved out a successful career as a media consultant in Portland, OR with Whipping Post Editorial and now Progressive Media Agency. But if all goes well, he may be poking his head back into the Hollywood fray with The Achievement, his just completed Tinseltown screenplay about an ageing, cancer-stricken A-lister who must confront a dark dysfunctional family secret when one son arranges a Lifetime Achievement Award that reunites Max Felton with his other, estranged son.

The successful funding of a Hollywood project often comes down to its one-sentence, hybrid pitch, provided in this case by project investor Marty Woods: "It's like Entourage meets Eugene O'Neill." (Given the storyline's Arthur Miller overtones and that author's connection to Marilyn Monroe, Woods might want to consider tweaking his elevator pitch to "Entourage meets Death of a Salesman"). The screenplay is very loosely inspired by the experiences Klugman had growing up in Hollywood as the son of an Emmy, Golden Globe Award winning dad and mom Brett Somers, who played Blanche Madison opposite Klugman on the 1970-1975 TV series The Odd Couple.

Update - 07/24/10: Progressive is not just the name of Klugman's media company; it's also the word that sums up this lifelong Democrat's very passionate personal politics. After working as the creative director for the 2009 summer grassroots health care movement Mad as Hell Doctors, Klugman used the "Mad as Hell" moniker for some radio appearances on Portland radio station KPOJ 620-AM. Beginning Saturdays, September 15th, 2010, the station will broadcast "Mad as Hell with Adam Klugman" from 3pm to 6pm PT.

Ad man, screenwriter and radio host

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