Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quiet on the Jesus Set!

One of the funniest on-set mockumentaries remains ...And God Spoke, a 1993 first effort by Arthur Borman that chronicles the disastrous production of a biblical epic. Borman went on to make a number of other features, including the 2001 documentary Karaoke Fever, before segueing to reality TV, most recently as an executive producer on Hell's Kitchen.

Now comes Action!!!, with three exclamation marks, a kindred spiritual spoof by Daytona Beach, Fl based first-timer Hillary J. Walker. Screening this Saturday, June 12th at the 5th Annual Broad Humor Film Festival in Venice, CA, it focuses its lens on the low-budget efforts of Zach Andrews (Scott Toler Collins) and co., a group sprung from a Christian community college.

The trailer for the 82-minute long Action!!! suggests that it is not quite on par with Borman's under appreciated gem. But kudos to Walker, a 34-year-old German born actress with credits like "Girl at Bar" and "Jello Diver," for taking control of her career and traveling as a result to the west coast this weekend to share her film.

The Broad Humor event is a double entendre, reflecting a program that is strictly for female filmmakers and an opening presentation Friday of shorts by "returning broads." It is, as it should be, run by a half-dozen women with eclectic industry backgrounds. For example, before coming to L.A., Executive Director Susan diRende managed a women's cabaret in Seattle and started a theater group there as well.

[Broad Humor Film Festival]


  1. You're right - the trailer could be much better! Thanks for writing about us. Let me know if you'd like a screener:)
    Hillary J.

  2. Hi Hillary:

    Well, you know, with more resources and money, this blog could also be a lot better. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and kudos to you for completing a feature-length project. Do keep me posted on your post-Broad progress.