Friday, June 25, 2010

Sex and the Motor City

Detroit filmmaker Matthew Stanton watched with interest as a female friend started blogging about local celebrities and politicians, opening up a Pandora's box of journalistic notoriety. Eventually, he decided to use these recollections as inspiration for his latest effort, the 14-minute dramatic short Memoirs of a Blogger, which premieres June 26th at the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival.

The recent Los Angeles shoot for the HBO pilot Tilda, starring Diane Keaton as a Nikki Finke-like showbiz chronicler, got the short-form blogger entertainment ball rolling down a potentially high-profile path. In the case of Stanton's film, the lead typist is a much younger character, 28-year-old Alex, played by local actress Janine Cayou.

Stanton, whose previous shorts include the documentary Digital Dating Game, wanted to showcase his hometown in a bubbly, flattering light. There is scant mention here of foreclosed homes on the auction block for $1,000, disgruntled ex-auto workers or a mayor fond of sexting. Instead, it's all about the triangular interaction of Alex, a local magazine editor and a jealous fellow blogger.

A key sponsor of the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival is Wayne State University, from whence Stanton graduated with a media arts degree. So there could be no more perfect a launch platform for this latest Stanton effort, shot at various Motor City locations including the much beloved Irish drinking spot Foran's Grand Trunk Pub.

[Memoirs of a Blogger]

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