Friday, July 2, 2010

A Tight-Knit Kansas Trio

On the set of Pawn's Move, an independent romantic drama that wrapped over the weekend after a two-week shoot in Missouri and Leavenworth, Kansas, there was the familiar sight of the Vetter siblings at work. For this latest CV Productions effort, Caleb was in the director's chair, brother Cory handled Assistant Director duties and sister Courtney acted as script supervisor.

There's another element that binds together the Vetter collaborative team, backed by executive producer mom and day job boss dad: their Christian faith. Although this new film and Caleb's debut feature, Anyone Accept David, are woven from a subtle spiritual fabric, they are nonetheless of a type that can and will be targeted to Christian film festivals.

To punch up this latest tale of a man, an inherited pawn shop fortune and a romance under an assumed name in the small town of Weston, MO, Caleb hired aspiring Missouri screenwriter Kim P. Wells. When not tending to her 26-acre farm and eight children, she has in recent years placed at the top of several screenwriting competitions, including the 2008 Nicholl Fellowship derby in Los Angeles.

At the tender age of 23, Caleb already has two feature films (and several shorts) to his credit, a testament to both the power of his faith and the power of RED hi-def digital camera equipment. Then again, when the initials of your name match those of the age-old Latin term of Curriculum Vitae, perhaps there is an added sense of duty to fill that CV asap.

[CV Productions]

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