Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Version of The Invisible Man Takes Shape in Colorado Ghost Town

H.G. Wells' celebrated 1897 novel The Invisible Man is about to get another cinematic touch-up, this time courtesy of Florida based indie filmmakers Tim Compton and Phil Dishon. The pair have shot footage in their home state as well as Colorado, and plan on launching their project as a five-part, feature-length Internet miniseries beginning late this spring.

When Compton, Dishon and their small crew came to Colorado in early March, they shot in Salida as well as the picturesque ghost town of St. Elmo. On the official website for Dishon's Tampa, FL company Waterfoot Films, the plot for the faithful Wells adaptation is listed as follows:

In a rural town among the mountains of Colorado, a stranger arrives. He is on a quest to find someone... A journey which will reveal the terrifying truth about his own past...

A classic re-imagined

The director of photography on the project, Sean Malone, attended the University of Florida with Dishon. Together, under the Waterfoot banner, they have made close to a dozen previous short films.

Cast in the lead role for this modernized, American version of the Wells tale is Salida native John Hightower. Malone meanwhile helped fund some of the camera and lens rentals through his work as a barista.

[Waterfoot Films]

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