Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Very Special Chevy Corvette

Premiering Friday, May 6th in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, The Quest is all about the first Chevrolet Corvette driven to victory at France's famous 24-hour Le Mans event. The vehicle won its class in 1960 and finished 8th overall.

Corvette enthusiast Elliot “Chip” Miller spent years tracking down the original #3 Briggs Cunningham model. When he finally found it, it was in desperate need of some TLC. Before his death in 2004, Miller was intent on returning the car to France in 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of its historic victory. The Quest follows the efforts of his son Lance and others to accomplish this goal, on dad's behalf.

Among the VIPs in attendance tomorrow will be 93-year-old John Fitch, one of the original drivers of the 1960 Corvette. The documentary combines new footage, photographs, and interviews to tell what amounts to an epic half-century father-son tale.

The Quest was directed by Michael Brown, a one-time news anchor and reporter for ABC-TV's Dallas affiliate whose non-fiction film achievements include executive producing the Oscar nominated 2006 documentary Deliver Us from Evil. He also happens to be a long-time Corvette enthusiast and collector. “The Quest is one of the most engaging courses of events I've encountered in my career,” he says.

All proceeds from the May 6th world premiere will benefit the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation, dedicated to fighting amyloidosis, the rare and incurable plasma cell disorder that claimed him. During his lifetime, Miller sr. owned more than 80 Corvettes; his first was a 1960 model, which he restored.

Miller launched his own events company in the early 1970s and became known for the annual "Corvettes at Carlisle" summer gathering staged at the city's fairgrounds. Son Lance, a partner in the firm today, owns five of the vehicles himself.

[The Quest]

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