Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zombie Army Invades Pasadena

Sometimes, the title of an indie film pretty much says it all. Such is the case with the sci-fi comedy Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers, which has its world premiere tonight in Pasadena as part of the eighth annual Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival.

The movie is aiming for a Young Frankenstein vibe, right down to the name of some of its characters. The villain for example is Dr. Agatha Van Krahpenpantz, and her sidekick echoes a certain author you might recognize – Elmore Leonard. Doing battle with Ms. VK and her zombie army is a top secret agency, Department Gamma, led by Dr. Warren Oedi.

The director-producer of the film is New York native Joe Camareno, who found initial success on stage and even at one point traveled the country as the Tin Man in a touring production of The Wizard of Oz. He has also guided a number of LA stage productions and continues to work as an actor in such films as Expired with Jason Patric and Samantha Morton.

Late last month, Camareno and co. successfully completed a $10,000 campaign to help polish the 80-minute production and anchor it as the first of a planned trilogy. Per the campaign's description:

It's been a rough, but fun-filled journey. We've been in production and post-production for almost two years. During this time, we have walked through everything from unemployment to pregnancy to swine flu...

We are working with a film consultant who has helped us create a strategy for film festival submissions, based on our genre and the festivals that may be friendly. We really need a kick ass Internet marketing campaign so we can get the word out, start gathering a following and show distributors that we have something worth picking up.

[Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers]

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