Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alabama Writer-Director Hosts Worldwide Premiere

You know the old saying about necessity. Well, here's more proof of just how true that adage rings, courtesy of Huntsville, Alabama writer-director Ben Stark.

Along with tomorrow night's conventional premiere of $10,000 thriller The Nocturnal Third in Huntsville, Stark is making the film available for free on his website in HD through Monday September 12th. As he recently blogged, there's a very logical explanation for this atypical maneuver, beyond the obvious pursuit of some extra publicity:

My personal reason for making the film so widely available is to give my extended family a chance to check out our new film. Most of my family actually lives in Germany, which is where my parents immigrated from when I was three. Hopefully some of my awesome cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents will be able to grab a laptop or giant-screened PC to enjoy an evening at der virtuellen Kino.

The movie's title refers to the dreaded graveyard shift at Stafford Stoneworks, for which the lead character Eli Gottfried has no choice but to sign up for. In short order, there's a workplace accident involving a co-worker, the arrival of a traveling salesman, and much neo-noir intrigue.


Kudos to Stark for coming up with his ambitious roll out strategy. There is also currently a DVD with extra features available on, where the film will eventually stream more conventionally, and, more profitably.

[The Nocturnal Third]

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