Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LA Actor Hoping for Real-Life Rocky Ending

The $250,000 romantic comedy Ricky premiered on January 15 at the well-trodden Hollywood locale Cinespace. A second showing unfolded just last week in White Plains, New York, the hometown of LA based writer-star Matt Markey, who plays Ricky McDown, a Rocky obsessed schlub chasing after the wrong Adrian.

Although this could logically have been the extent of the indie rom-com's one-two punch, there's a real-life Burgess Meredith waiting in the wings. A sales rep has just come on board and is intent on helping Markey land some sort of cable, DVD, or streaming deal.

Will it happen? If only so mom and dad, executive producers Jim and Sofia—otherwise known around White Plains as the City Line Delicatessen on Broadway—can celebrate, it would be worth it. Judging from the trailer, it looks like their son's film has some real charm.


There's another reason why any sort of Ricky distribution roll would be sweet. Here's an LA actor who started working on his dream of writing a feature film script shortly after playing “Guy in a Chicken Suit” on a 2001 episode of NBC's Ed. Against all odds, he eventually figured out a way to raise a quarter million, get the movie made, and premiere it in both his original and adopted hometowns.

The fact that Markey, at 35, is the exact same age as the Sylvester Stallone Rocky films franchise is just icing on the Philly cheesesteak.


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