Monday, September 12, 2011

Showcasing a Different Part of Charlotte

Myers Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the average value of a home hovering around the $750,000 mark. That's $745,000 more than the total budget for Lovestruck Pancho, an independent comedy that shines a long overdue cinematic light on the historic planned residential community.

The tale of an illegal Mexican immigrant chasing after a Southern belle premieres Friday September 16th at the Mint Museum Uptown. Writer-director Duncan St. Clair convinced one Myers Park resident, Emily Zuyus, to make her home available for a couple of days as a central filming location. And per his director's notes, good old-fashioned pleading secured another nearby property:

In a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we stated the obvious: "Yall have the most elegant Southern style home in Myers Park and Charlotte. May we please, please film a scene in front of it?" We completed sequences for this location in about four hours on a Saturday.
I consider their home on Hermitage Court to be the most grand of white ionic column houses in all of Charlotte and, naturally, wanted to highlight what to me exemplifies the area's premiere architecture and spirit.

Typically, Hollywood comes to Charlotte to make use of the Motorway for movies such as Talladega Nights and Days of Thunder. In the case of St. Clair's more modest enterprise, the only cars needed were again lent at no charge by some of the area's finest citizens. For example, a pristine 1952 Cadillac convertible and another Mercedes were provided by Robert and Deborah McRorie.

In other words, from the Myers Park locations right on down to the cars rolling through them, this is a Charlotte grassroots effort through and through. After this week's premiere, St. Clair plans to make his film available on DVD and via VOD.

[Lovestruck Pancho]

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