Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Vincent van Gogh Variance

How do you differentiate your short from the million and one others on the amalgamated film festival circuit? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt to hitch the film wagon to the famous name of Vincent van Gogh and tease attendees with the promise that the entertainment is shot from the POV of one of Dutch master's paintings.

That's the gist of The Lost Van Gogh, a 17-minute caper comedy screening today and tomorrow at the Tulsa International Film Festival. The cast and crew are from Portland, Oregon and while this is director Jessica Lyness' first effort, writer Josh Gross has got all sorts of other things cooking—plays, a web series, books.


The Lost Van Gogh premiered earlier this year at the White Sands International Film Festival in New Mexico, and will screen closer to Pacific Northwest home soon as part of Seattle's Local Sightings Film Festival (September 30th-October 6th). The basic storyline is that of a pair of art dealers who try to buy a real Van Gogh from an unsuspecting couple. When the attempted transaction falls through, the dealers set about stealing the painting.

Heading up the cast is veteran Portland actor Darius Pierce (pictured). He won a local Drammy Award in 2008 for his portrayal of William Shakespeare in the play The Beard of Avon.

[The Lost Van Gogh]

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