Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vermont Novelist Finally Gets a Cinematic Adaptation

It took a grant from the John M. Bissell Foundation and a lot of patience. But after watching a number of literary works languish under option at Miramax and other Hollywood studios, Vermont writer Joseph A. Citro will finally get to attend a movie adaptation premiere on Saturday October 22nd.

Soul Keeper, a 24-minute suspense thriller debuting at the the Vermont International Film Festival, was shot this past winter for a little less than $15,000. The director, Tim Joy, is a Vermont local, as are the two leads, Andy Butterfield and Paul Schnabel. Here's the very intriguing synopsis:

Fed up after his most recent marital quarrel, Carl Congdon (Butterfield) speeds away in his car with no intention of returning. His destination is Canada by way of the back roads of the Northeast Kingdom, and his companion is a bottle of whiskey. But the combination of descending darkness and drunkenness lead to a car accident, and Carl awakens to find himself in the hands of mysterious, gun-wielding old man (Schnabel, pictured below) who insists that our hero has died in the accident…

NYC Riot Group member Schnabel

The movie is based on a short story from Citro's collection Not Yet Dead. One of Joy's other recent credits is a TV commercial aired during the 2010 Super Bowl.

Intriguingly, although Joy is submitting Soul Keeper to other festivals, he told Vermont newspaper Seven Days that he also plans to also submit the film to the SyFy Channel for possible TV broadcast. So Citro may get his Hollywood moment yet.

[Soul Keeper]

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