Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No-Budget Ohio Drama Rolls Onto the Internet

The budget for Shawn Holmes' debut feature Memory Lane was $300; his marketing kitty, a little less. So you have to hand it to the Martins Ferry, Ohio based artist for having managed, prior to Friday's 12:01 a.m. ET. Internet premiere, to get people like Morgan Spurlock and Trent Reznor re-tweeting about his bare-bones effort.

The no-budget flick, about a war veteran who goes to extreme bathtub electroshock lenghts to try and solve the murder of his fiancée, will be available for free through the end of Sunday at Holmes' website Co-written with H.K. Sapathan, the movie stars Michael Allen, Zac Snyder, Meg Barrick and Julian Curi.


In an interview with a local Comcast outlet, Holmes explained that leading man Allen previously spent a year in service in Afghanistan and started working on the no-budget movie right after doing some on-camera bit work as "Military Personnel" for J.J. Abrams' locally filmed Super 8.

Earlier this fall, Holmes became the youngest-ever nominee for the West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year award when he was included in a group of seven honorees. Along with Memory Lane, he has made several dozen shorts.

[Memory Lane]

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