Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UK Teen Hopes to Cement His Comedy Reputation

Nineteen-year-old British filmmaker Ben Derrick will surely have a bit of a lump in his throat when he debuts his sophomore effort on December 9th in Harrogate. That's because the event won't quite be the same now that his celebrity endorser Ken Russell has passed.

Back in January of 2008, Russell had very kind words for Derrick's debut, the drama Fashion Police, declaring the then-16-year-old to be part of the future of cinema. The young artist's 45-minute comedy follow-up, Trendi, continues in the fashion vein, only this time with more of Bill Forsyth feel. It's all about two Yorkshire visionaries (Jerry Harvey, Peter Buller) who decide the next big thing should be concrete clothes and concrete handbags.


This kid is definitely going places. The trailer is super slick, and at next week's Royal Hall black tie event, a music video which he directed for local band Purple Mafia will also be screened. Derrick got the rental fee waved for the auditorium, and on his previous film, he was able to wrangle some impressive grants as well as the participation of the local symphony and City Council.

The soundtrack for Trendi was done by American composer Ryan Paul, while the supporting cast includes local theater vet Nevin Ward as a "flamboyant" fashion designer. It took Derrick six months to make the film.


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