Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Confederate Zombie Rides Into Augusta

There are all sorts of premieres slated for this weekend's fourth annual Poison Peach Film Festival at the Imperial Theatre in Augusta, Georgia. Among the Friday, January 6th opening night attractions is a rough cut of writer-director Stephen Gilliam's Confederate Zombie, with live soundtrack performed by the band Hellblinki Sextet.

Starring Robert Seawell, Christopher Bowman and Tommy Tanner, the film juxtaposes the tried and true device of a zombie outbreak with the final days of the American Civil War. Much of the film was shot on sets in Augusta and Fairfax, South Carolina previously used by Christopher Forbes for his indie film A Day in Hell. In that one, Gilliam played a bad guy character named Patches and got to work one of the cameras for scenes featuring Michael Madsen

Below is the five-minute short that Gilliam completed as a proof-of-concept for his current feature debut. It made the rounds in 2011 at several festivals:

Gilliam previously made the shorts Pumpkin Knight and Sons of God. He hopes one day to expand the latter to feature-film length as well.

[Poison Peach Film Festival]

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