Saturday, January 28, 2012

Slumdog Dance Crew

For the past three years, San Francisco-based filmmaker Alvin Shen has been shooting weddings and music videos with company partner Brian Schwab under the moniker HD Video Inc. He's also working on his M.A. in Fine Arts in Producing at the Academy of Art and fundraising to complete an intriguing documentary called Kenya Boys.

Shen hosted a screening last weekend of a 15-minute rough short version of his documentary at Paddy's Coffee House in Union City, California. The movie chronicles the efforts of five Kenyan youths from Nairobi's Mathare Valley slum as they chase after the dream of a slot and eventual win on their country's version of America's Best Dance Crew. The show, called Sakata Dance Battle, airs on Kenya's Citizen TV.


The goal is to return to the country once more, so as to fill out the individual back stories and expand the current 15-minute version to one hour. In a recent interview with Union City Patch, Shen hinted at some doc dramatics involving a car accident and confirmed that the “Black Blingers” did make it onto the show. The top prize on the program is the equivalent of $40,000 US.

Shen shot his original footage last July.

[Kenya Boys Kickstarter page]

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