Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Zombie Take on the Cold War

Tomorrow night in Bayonne, New Jersey, some 300 moviegoers will get to enjoy the first official look at Red Scare, a low-budget zombie comedy written, co-produced by and co-starring native Samuel Platizky. Set during the U.S.-Soviet Cold War, the send-up was filmed in black and white all over Hudson County.

Platizky plays the part of Rex Steel, one of several Americans who band together to fight an army of zombies unleashed by evil communist Vlad Sinisterski. Platizky, who previously wrote another zombie comedy called Blaming George Romero, is once again paired with William Dautrick Jr., assistant director on the first feature and director of this one.


One very unusual aspect of Red Scare is that a full classical orchestra score was live-recorded for use in the film. Platizky and co. gathered more than two dozen musicians at Temple Beth Am in Bayonne. Here's how he described watching the session come together:

This was the first time that this orchestra played together, and they were amazing. The best way I could describe it is somewhere between that feeling you get when you were a kid and you opened a present that you really wanted but didn't know you were going to get... and the feeling of being part of something that has become much bigger than you intended.

Indeed, it's extremely rare for a low-budget indie to put together a live orchestra soundtrack session. Snippets of the wondrous score, composed and conducted by Dan Granda, can be heard towards the end of the above trailer.

[Red Scare]

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