Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cooking Up Some Margarine Mischief

In the case of the 1960s-era comedy Margarine Wars, set to premiere March 21st in Royal Oak, Michigan, it all starts with the names of the principal character and small Wisconsin town where he finds himself stranded on his way from New York to California. This is the story of Howard Schmear (Ron G.), a “big city Afro Jew” who swerves off the road in order to avoid hitting a cow and must then try to pay for repairs to his VW bus by dealing in margarine, a product banned in the conservative Midwestern burgh of Butterfield.

To portray some of the colorful locals, producer-director David Rich was able to wrangle the recognizable names Doris Roberts, Robert Loggia and Dee Wallace. Fans of NBC's Last Comic Standing meanwhile may recall Ron G. from his run on the show in 2008.


The movie will also screen March 29th at the Arclight in Hollywood. This is Rich's first finished film product, with several others in development including the drama Through Maria's Eyes and the acting biz documentary Actor? Although Margarine Wars was filmed in the tax-incentive friendly locale of Macomb County, Michigan, his production company is based in Chandler, Arizona.

[Margarine Wars]

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