Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Kentucky Blood Triumph

At last weekend's Derby City Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, actor Lance Henriksen received a Lifetime Achievement Award. By the end of the event, he was also celebrating the Best Actor prize claimed by Sean Elliot, his co-star in the frightening father-son wilderness "psyche-saga" It's in the Blood.

The movie also scored Best U.S. Feature and an Audience Choice award, but it's really Elliot's prize that is the headline here. After all, the part of October--who together with estranged dad Russell (Henriksen) must battle a mysterious backwoods creature--is his first lead film role.


Elliot co-wrote the Blood script with director Scooter Downey, his pal since kindergarten. The Louisville-born tandem has made a giant leap forward from the spoof trailers they used to splice together at Ballard High School.

According to an article on, Elliot and Downey holed up at one point for a month in a Colorado cabin, where they worked laboriously on draft after draft. Along the way, Elliot was able to hone his chops as a theater actor in New York City.

[It's in the Blood]

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