Saturday, March 31, 2012

Filmmaker Comes Home for Texas Western Premiere

It's going to be a grand old time this weekend in Snyder, Texas, as native son Tanner Beard has returned for the red carpet hometown premiere of his Western The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy.

In addition to tonight's red carpet screening, there is a preview showing earlier in the afternoon and an encore presentation Sunday. The movie officially debuted Friday night at the Rialto Theatre in nearby Denison, with a Q&A featuring writer-director Beard and his producer Suzanne Weinert.


Beard grew up around the area of Possum Kingdom Lake, where much of the Western was filmed. When he learned of the circa-1876 “Hell's Gate” episode and its story of three outlaws on the run, he chose to investigate and eventually turned it into a handsome feature starring Henry Thomas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Eric Balfour. Beard, part of the Class of 2003 at Snyder High School, has a small part in the film.

The movie hits VOD in April and is scheduled to be released on DVD in June via Lionsgate. Last year, Hell's Gate galloped through the film festival circuit, showing among other places in Newport Beach, California and Dallas.

[The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy]


  1. Saw the movie in early online screening a few weeks ago.
    I wish the best to the movie and its cast, especially to the beautiful and talented Summer Glau.
    Tbh, i follow the movie's career for the fansite Summer Glau Wiki :)

    1. No shame in that, and glad you added Summer Glau's name to the discussion as I did not mention her above.