Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nashville Student Rolls Out Another Stephen King 'Boogeyman'

Tommy Golden has yet to graduate from the Nashville Film Institute, but he's already got a big-time Hollywood fan: Stephen King. On the strength of Golden's script, the author granted him the rights to make a short film based on the story “The Boogeyman,” from the collection The Nightshift.

The next impressive feat for Golden, who filmed the movie at the end of last month at a bed and breakfast in Shelbyville, Tennessee, was to snag Jim O'Rear for the lead role of Lester Billings. O'Rear has a long list of horror credits and huge genre following which, combined with the heft of King's reputation, should bode well when the short film starts showing in April.


This is not the first time Golden has tackled the subject matter of “The Boogeyman,” in which O'Rear as Billings visits a psychiatrist to discuss the alleged murder of his three children by the B-man. In high school, he got his theater class to stage it.

Similarly, this is but the latest instance of the King short story, first published in Cavalier magazine in 1973, being fodder for the big screen. In 1982, it was turned into a 28-minute short by Jeff Schiro, while just two years ago, the tale was adapted once more by Irishman Gerald Lough.

It also probably didn't hurt, with respect to getting King's sanction, that Golden is the founder of Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers. On board as producer for this latest Boogeyman is Golden's wife, Kim, while Scott Crain helped co-direct.

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