Thursday, March 29, 2012

South African Director Makes the Right Festival Connection

When South African writer-director Bonginhlanhla Ncube came to Los Angeles in February for the U.S. premiere of his breakout feature 48 at the Pan African Film and Arts Festival, he sparked interest from other festivals. Even better, he also drummed up an American partner for his next project.

Ncube told Sowetan LIVE this week that he is busy writing a script for his next movie, to be made in partnership with a SoCal producer:

The film, which does not have a name yet, but has the working title of Clairvoyance, is about a man based in a rural area who has supernatural powers. "The person has a phobia and general dislike for cities, but circumstances force him to migrate to the big city, where he eventually puts his powers to use," Ncube says.

It may only be a matter of time before someone stateside decides to remake 48. The high-concept premise involves a man diagnosed with Guillain Barré Syndrome. Unless he can raise 500,000 Rands, he will die in 48 hours from the hyper-speed degenerative disease. So, in sort of Dog Day Afternoon fashion, he decides to rob a bank to raise the funds for his last-minute miracle cure.


Ncube's film is up for three acting prizes at the African Academy Awards April 22. 48 won a Best Film award at a festival in Pretoria and features a number of recognizable South African actors including Khulu Skenjana (Invictus, District 9).


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