Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Terrorism Send-Up Already Getting Explosive Reactions

The low-budget Australian reality TV send-up 10 Terrorists! has yet to premiere Down Under (March 29th, Melbourne International Comedy Festival) or stateside (April 18th, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival). But it's already ruffling some feathers.

Mercilessly mocking the reality genre, the movie centers around fictitious TV contest So You Want To Be a Terrorist? In the three-judge program, ten hopefuls compete for the $1 million prize by engaging in various amateur terrorism stunts.


Director Dee McLachlan tells that there has already been a walk out at a test screening in South Africa and that when she sent the film to a New York distributor for consideration, the woman quickly returned it with the message that McLachlan had offended her.

There are some solid actors involved in the production, which was shot in just eight days. But it's the kind of film, from the title on down to the premise, that will incite some to condemn it without ever having actually seen it. Which, for a low-budget indie comedy, is something of an ideal scenario.

[10 Terrorists!]

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