Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Canadian Comedy Opts for High Concept Title

It's certainly a mouthful. But is it wise to attach the title Mushrooms Eat Humans To Get High to an 88-minute feature that has nothing to do with the horror-comedy genre?

In the trailer below, at the 1:20 mark, a character running through the woods pauses to exclaim, “I want to live in a world where mushrooms eat humans to get high!” Never mind that the rest of the $3,500 Canadian indie's narrative has no connection to the remark. It's all part of a Monty Python-esque gambit by the film's writer-director (and co-star), Carl Turner.

In keeping with the one-of-a-kind title, Turner has applied some similar convention and bizarre capitalization to the names of his two lead characters. Per the film's synopsis:

PouaK Le WaK (Jean-Philippe Moreau), a young good-hearted Quebecer, had enough with his life and just couldn't take it anymore. In quest of change and adventure, he gathers everything he owns in his backpack and heads west for Banff, in the Canadian Rockies.
A lack of jobs and apartments forces him to live and work with his new friend: KaSSuq La SouCouPe (Turner). To his big surprise, he gets thrown in a war between Australians and Quebecers. The mayor of Banff decides to buy peace by organizing a mountaineering competition. A grand race between Team Aussie (Cam Mcrobie, Nic Mcrobie) and Team Quebec (PouaK, KaSSuQ) unravels in Banff National Park. Will these two brave men have what it takes to counter the invasion of the Men from down under?

At press time, it looks like the mushrooms have snacked on web content, as Turner's namesake URL is filled with nothing more than placeholder gibberish.

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