Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RIP: Beloved Louisville Record Store

From 1985 until the fall of last year, ear X-tacy kept the spirit of indie music alive in Louisville, Kentucky. Now, all that's left of the record store is the documentary Brick and Mortar and Love, premiering this weekend at the Louisville Science Centre.

Directed by C. Scott Shuffit, the film chronicles the rise and fall of the U.S. independent record store. One of the highlights for ear X-tacy owner John Timmons was the July 4th 2000 in-store performance by the Foo Fighters. Seven hundred customers rocked to the music inside, another 200 overflowed outside the store and afterward, the band spent $1,000 on merchandise. At the opposite end the spectrum, Timmons once revealed that the worst experience on this level was a visit by This Is Spinal Tap.

Following this weekend's screening, Brick and Mortar and Love will show April 13 at Natasha's in Lexington and make its official festival debut April 20 as part of the Nashville Film Festival. Timmons, whose 2010 appeal for help sparked the documentary, will be at this weekend's screening for a Q&A with Shuffit. Here's part of his farewell post to the faithful last fall:

It has been a dream come true... Actually, a dream exceeded, to be part of your musical lives here in Louisville for the last 26 years. My life was changed forever, and guided by the power of music since I can remember. Music has been the soul, the heart, the passion of my life for my entire 56 years. The record store experience has been the only child in my life. Now, it's time for me to let it fly.

[Brick and Mortar and Love]

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