Thursday, April 5, 2012

Viral Light Shines on Tahoe Short

Posted to Vimeo at the beginning of the week, Silver & Light has already racked up 300,000 plus views and triggered major interest from Los Angeles showbiz types.

The first moments of the film cleverly make it a little difficult for viewers to figure out what is transpiring. Is this the beginning of some strange and involved drug batch preparation? No, thankfully; just an antiquated large-photo generation technique known as the Collodion wet plate process. The film reminds just how much easier the digital age has made photo-taking.


The film's makers, Ian Ruhter and Lane Power, are Lake Tahoe area residents. Their efforts this week got a major boost from singer Justin Timberlake, who posted the video on his website.

Ruhter tells the Tahoe Daily Tribune other first-wave boosters have included, ESPN and various photo blogs. Having spent a full year putting the film together, these guys deserve every bit of attention they're now getting.

To follow the pair on Twitter, go to @silverandlight.

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