Monday, May 28, 2012

After Kickstarter Fail, Armpit Doc Launches Pitstarter

Over the weekend, the makers of Pitstache, a documentary about the history of Western society's resistance to female armpit hair, decided to give online fundraising another official try. With less being shaved off the top.

Deborah Aronin would have gladly paid five percent of the proceeds to and another five to Amazon payments, had her original $10,000 goal been reached. But having fallen seven thousand short, she has decided to pursue a more direct route with her own Kickstarter knockoff,

The website looks a lot like a standard Kickstarter page. But in this case, only two-and-a-half percent of monies raised will go to Paypal. Also, unlike Kickstarter, Aronin doesn't have to reach a full set goal to collect the money.

Currently based in Raleigh, 26-year-old Aronin was born and raised up the coast in Newton, MA. The daughter of two scientists, she graduated from Duke University with a degree in history and certificate from the Center for Documentary Studies. Last fall, Aronin blogged some thoughts on the general armpit hair topic for Ms. magazine:

Let me be clear: I don’t find anything wrong with choosing to shave, but I’m troubled that many don’t realize when or why they made that choice. Most women I talk to say that they started at puberty when everyone else did and never really thought about it. When I confront people with the question of “why,” they really have to think. Hairless women have been burned into the collective mind as the symbol of sexiness and femininity, to such an extent that celebrities such as Mo’Nique who challenge the image are often ridiculed.

A few years ago, I wrote about a similar (British) documentary, Tashalaska, which follows three men competing in the World Bear and Moustache Championships. As that movie gets ready to roll out its 2012 Internet distribution strategy, it looks like it will soon have some company. The more the hairier.


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