Sunday, May 13, 2012

LARPing Spoof Lloyd Gets Dramatic Awards Boost

The Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA) must either have a sense of humor or a constricted awards slate. Because among the nominees this year for Best Dramatic Feature was the straight-out comedy Lloyd the Conqueror.

The organization is using the term “Dramatic” loosely here of course. Still, it's a bit jarring to read that Lloyd not only geeked out last night as Best Dramatic Feature at the 38th Annual Rosie Awards, but also managed to claim the prize for Best Original Music Score Drama. The movie was nominated for a total of seven Rosies.

Lloyd was an official selection at the 2012 Victoria Film Festival as well as a featured attraction at Denmark's CPH PIX Film Festival in April. Here's an excerpt from the review given to Lloyd by Victoria Times-Colonist reporter Michael Reid when the film played in B.C. in February. Additional festival screenings no doubt lie ahead for the Calgary-shot Lloyd as well as, quite possibly, a few more dramatic and-or comedic trophies for their LARP case:

The dialogue — as phoney as the foam swords, tinfoil balls and other "weapons" wielded by LARPs (live-action role players) — makes Michael Peterson's affectionate homage to this mind-boggling subculture such a dorky delight despite some imperfections...
Although a romantic subplot and some of the training sequences grow tiresome, there's some terrific character development here — notably by Brian Posehn as a retired Yoda-like White Wizard who tutors the slackers, and Harland Williams, amusing as an obnoxious Trekkie. Overall, it's good, ridiculous fun that just might unleash your inner geek.

[Lloyd the Conqueror]

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