Saturday, June 16, 2012

Illinois Auteur Lends a Helping Horror Hand

In the last eighteen months, Rockport, Illinois writer-director Travis Legge has cranked out a half-dozen shorts, two features (Raymond Did It, Scary Story Slumber Party) and a Web series. But somehow, he also found time to executive produce and edit Poetic, the sophomore feature effort of adjacent kindred horror spirit Matthew Cichella.

Poetic is set to premiere at Rockport's Tebala Shrine Auditorium on Saturday, June 30th, preceded by a pair of shorts including Legge's Taxidermy. It tells the story of a couple caught up in a brutal home invasion orchestrated by “Cowboy.”

No one under 18 will be admitted to the screening, which is again thanks partly to Legge. Per Cichella's original announcement about this meeting of Midwestern DIY minds:

Remember those bad ass kill scenes in Raymond Did It? Yeah, you know ones. Five words: Curtain rod, lawnmower, washing machine. Get ready because Travis will be lending his special FX talents to Poetic and if Raymond Did It was any indication... there will be blood … and lots of it...
"I've known Matt for years," Travis explained. "I was thrilled beyond words to see this guy's determination and love of filmmaking. When the opportunity arose to join the crew of Poetic, I knew I couldn't pass it up."

Another benefit of Legge's involvement? The appearance in Poetic of 2010 VH1 Scream Queens cast member Sierra Holmes, who has also worked on a couple of his recent projects.


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