Friday, June 1, 2012

Joyce DeWitt, First Lady

This ranks as the strangest White House couple casting in many a four-year term. New Jersey indie drama Snapshot features Three's Company alum Joyce DeWitt as the First Lady and one-time Eddie and the Cruisers heartthrob Michael Par√© as her Presidential hubby.

And even though the film - screening June 1st in Jersey City as the opening night attraction of the Hoboken International Film Festival - is a drama, its central plot point is right up Jack Tripper's alley. That would be the moment when the First Lady, having chosen to go commando underneath her smart blue-skirted ensemble, trips down some stairs and flashes transitioning paparazzo Eddie Grady (Zach McGowan) with the surprise photo opportunity of the century.

Snapshot was produced by Kenneth Del Vecchio, the one-time New Jersey judge who founded the Hoboken film festival event. He's a prolific movie purveyor who often relies on the acting talents of not just DeWitt but also Robert Loggia and Martin Kove of Rambo fame. All three appear in this latest enterprise, written by Robert Borneman and directed by Eric Etebari. Explains Borneman:

The writing of Snapshot was inspired by many events that have affected me over the course of my lifetime, beginning with the tragic death of Lady Diana and culminating with the recent death of Tyler Clementi. This story examines the parallel between shooting someone with a camera and a gun. Snapshot brings an often blurry yet fine line between the public's Right to Know and an individual's Right to Privacy into focus.

Also helping potentially to boost the profile of the film is the fact that McGowan has appeared as the recurring character of Jody Silverman on hit Showtime drama Shameless.


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