Sunday, July 29, 2012

A High School Yearbook Tale Most Likely to Soon Be Distributed

Recently, Alamada Patch contributor Alice Lewis wrote a fun item about hosting Sam Kuhn, director of the road trip documentary Finding Truelove. The 69-minute Oregon-set film, made for less than a $1,000, premiered this spring at Toronto's Hot Docs.

The movie is all about a trio of Kuhn pals crashing a reunion for Oregon's Chico High, Class of 1990, and trying to track down this titular guy with the perfect yearbook photo and even better name:

When I inquired through Lewis about additional screening information, she replied via the comments with this exciting info: 'Sam says that for now he can't do public screenings of Finding Truelove because he is working with a sales agent and there are interested buyers! Pretty exciting stuff. I will keep you posted...”

Pretty exciting stuff indeed. In the film's trailer, a search team member is heard exclaiming at one point: “I think we're done. This movie is no longer about Tim Truelove... We've got to have another objective.”

Evidently, this fanciful road-quest journey for the man with the timeless 1990 HS imprint turns into something different once Kuhn and co. make it to the reunion celebrations. The fact that Finding Truelove needed just one screening, in Canada, to get the distributor conversation rolling is a testament to its appeal.

To read Lewis' article, click here.

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