Friday, August 17, 2012

Humphrey Bogart Estate Pushes Neo-Noir Thriller Into the Black

Bogart LLC, an arm of the Humphrey Bogart estate overseen by the late actor's son Stephen and daughter Leslie, has led This Last Lonely Place to Kickstarter's promised land.

When the press release went out last week announcing that the entity had pledged $10,000 to Steve Anderson's neo-noir, LA-set modern-day thriller and would match future donations, the film was still far from its fundraising goal of $75,000. But on this Friday, August 17th, the final day of the online campaign, the movie has now solidly surpassed that goal.

Anderson told New Jersey newspaper The Record that he wasn't exactly thrilled when Bogart LLC first contacted him:

"I thought maybe the Bogart estate [objected] to the title. But they just wanted to get more information about what was going on."

In the end, his decision to name the movie after the 1950 Bogart drama In a Lonely Place and support it with the tweet "I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful Kickstarter" were twin strokes of genius. According to the paper, those elements were largely responsible for roping in Anderson's major (and very unlikely) funder, tipping to success the filmmaker's latest project.

[The Last Lonely Place Kickstarter]

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