Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indie Drama Continuum Will Continue On as a Pay Cable Pilot Pitch

Canton, Georgia writer-director Leslie Lugosi is stringing together the equivalent of four separate short films for her upcoming feature-length project Continuum. One of the benefits of this approach is that she also plans to spin off the vignette “Time” as a separate TV series pitch.

Lugosi recently told local newspaper the Cherokee Ledger-News that her lead actor for that portion of the film, Rob Epstein, will reprise his role of a misguided preacher. She hopes to eventually get their spinoff in front of the likes of HBO, Starz and Showtime.

Over the course of Continuum, four different portions of a nameless male character's life-arc are presented. Accompanying "The Preacher" is an imaginary companion conjured up from his play as a youth with toy soldiers:

A young boy suffers severe emotional abuse and isolation by his father. His only way of coping is through his imaginary friend "The Lieutenant" (Tom Thon). After exposing the sins of his father the Lt. helps him plot his escape. Once free, he tries to integrate into society. The Lieutenant. sends him on a "mission" as "The Chosen One" (Epstein). Once he begins his journey he collides with his past.

Continuum may not be be the only entrprising short film spinoff model in Lugosi's near future. In the same newspaper interview, she revealed that she was able this spring on the Jasper, GA set of Trouble with the Curve to meet star Clint Eastwood and give him a copy of her 2011 short Listen. That earlier drama tells the story of a Vietnam veteran dealing with post-traumatic stress (PST) disorder.

Over lunch on the location set, Lugosi told Eastwood that various people have told her they feel there is enough in Listen to warrant an expanded, feature-length version. With a screener now in the hands of the ultimate Man with No Name, anything is possible.



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