Saturday, September 1, 2012

This Year's Unlikeliest Zombie Movie Star

To zombie or not to zombie? That is the question actress June Lockhart recently asked herself and evidently, per upcoming indie comedy Zombie Hamlet, the woman best known for having played mom in the TV series Lassie and Lost in Space answered, 'Why not!?'

Lockhart recently turned 87. She got a lot of attention earlier this summer when she attended a Mars Rover event at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. And if you believe an early review, she will be one of the main reasons to check out Zombie Hamlet:

I'm old enough to remember her from Lost In Space and Lassie but she was absolutely wonderful in Zombie Hamlet. To me she stole the show. I also liked John Amos, famous for the movie The Beastmaster and as J.J. Walker's dad in Good Times way back then. Geeze, how old must he be?
Anyway, him questioning Lockhart about her "ample bosom" just made me laugh. It was funny, but also downright sweet.

Lockhart's character is key to the plot of Zombie Hamlet. As Southern matriarch Hester Beauchamps, she agrees to kick in $300,000 in emergency funding for a derailed Hollywood Civil War Shakespeare adaptation, provided the writer-director (TravisWester) layers in the undead.

With 63-year-old Shelley Long and Jason Mewes in the cast as well, the movie definitely has a big curiosity factor. At press time, the trailer (above) had received more than 70,000 YouTube views, a huge number for in indie flick with no screenings or distribution currently announced.

The notion of marrying the Prince of Denmark to zombies remains a popular one. In fact, for those interested, film rights to the new e-book Hamlet Z, which is being adapted as a 2013 stage play in Austin, are presently up for grabs.

[Zombie Hamlet]

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