Monday, September 10, 2012

A UK Indie Inspired by Richard Linklater

Who knows what might have happened if British writer-director Si Wall had stumbled upon a film other than Richard Linklater's 2004 Paris-set drama Before Sunset. As it stands, watching that movie on TV around 3 a.m. one morning sparked Wall to his latest grassroots feature Consequence, premiering Thursday in London.

“After I watched Before Sunset, I started thinking how any filmmaker could go one step further and have just one actor on the screen for a full film,” Wall tells FilmStew. “From there, Consequence started being formed in my head. I knew it had to be about one person on one special day and began writing it within a few weeks of the idea hatching.”

Made for a little less than £100,00, Consequence stars Katie Richmond as Jodie Webster, a young woman who mysteriously gets to live out a day without seemingly bearing the consequences of any of her actions. It's the final part of a trilogy put forth by Wall and his Masive Films partners to firmly establish their creative credentials.

“One of my future projects, Resistance, is being made with major A-list talent,” Wall promises. “Katie was the penultimate auditionee for my middle film, Speed Date. She set the bar very high and was a pleasure to work with, so it was an easy call to cast her for as Jodie.”

Following the September 13th premiere, Wall plans to submit Consequence to BAFTA. He says there has already been interest from both UK and U.S. distributors.


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