Friday, December 28, 2012

Documenting an American Rags-to-Riches Story

For Steve Ames, the transference of intellectual wealth began this year with the book Scavenge Your Way to Wealth: The Hidden Truths That Turn Huge Profits. Next year, it will expand to encompass a feature documentary.

The life story of Ames, age 62, is a classic example of the American dream. From his Indigo River Publishing author's page:

Born in 1950, when most of America was prospering, Ames grew up with “less than nothing” in rural America as the fifth of six children. Surviving years of poverty, he learned from an early age how to make a profit from scavenging literally everything.
Steve’s unique approach to business and real estate has earned him millions and he has shifted his focus to giving back and teaching others how to be successful. Steve spends his summers in Iowa and his winters in south Texas. He is married, has two grown daughters, and is a proud grandfather.

The documentary is being made by Pensacola, Florida-based filmmaker Dave Barnes, who met Ames earlier this year at a Sunshine State book tour stop. Barnes recently told Iowa's Times-Republican newspaper that he has conducted about 50 interviews for the film and hopes to have editing completed by spring.

In the meantime, he and-or Ames may want to try and flesh out the customer reviews on the book's page. At press time, there is a single unchallenged critique labeling Ames – who oversees a huge network of rental properties in Iowa and Texas – a “slum landlord.”

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