Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rhode Island Film Student Takes a Page from Woody Allen

Remember how easy it was for Gil to catch a ride back in time each night in Midnight in Paris? Well, it's just as instantaneous for Charlie (Edward Patrick) in I'll Be Seeing You, a 50-minute drama premiering Saturday March 2nd in Cranston, Rhode Island.

In Charlie's case, it's a matter of bumping his head in the basement of his grandfather's bar. When he heads back upstairs, he suddenly finds himself at the tail end of Prohibition in 1933, sitting next to his much younger Grandpa.

The movie was written and directed by now-graduated University of Rhode Island film student Ryan Casey for Professor Keith Brown's Advanced Narrative Production class. With help from Indiegogo, where 27 donors contributed a total of $5,000 that was spent on things like the rental from a local collector of a 1934 Packard limousine and 1929 Rolls Royce.

Casey was able to get the Biltmore Hotel in Providence to donate a ballroom location for three nights of filming and also got an assist from the East Greenwich Police Department, who blocked traffic there on Main Street for another day of overnight outside shooting. "I feel so blessed and honored to have had this opportunity,” Casey says via a URI release written by public relations major Danielle Sanda. “Whether it’s a great success or Rotten Tomatoes gives it a poor ranking, I’m still very proud of the film, and the support I’ve gotten from other people means the most to me.”

The film was originally scheduled to screen February 9th but got whacked by Winter Storm Nemo. It should be a good time in Cranston this weekend, as Casey says he expects about 500 people to join him at the Park Theatre in Cranston.

[I'll Be Seeing You]

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