Monday, March 18, 2013

Chilly Flick Gets Warm Idaho Reception

It's funny how a film festival can make a low-budget film shoot sound a lot more glamorous than it actually was. At the just-completed 2013 Sun Valley Film Festival, Craters of the Moon world premiered and went on to win the $1,000 Gem State Award for best reflecting the "beauty and diversity" of the state of Idaho.

As opposed to how the filmmakers put it on their official website: surviving 12 days and nights of shooting "in the brutal, sub-zero weather of the winter desert." The $25,000 indie feature, about a couple stranded in middle of nowhere, was written and directed by Jesse Millward. Only a small portion of the psychological thriller was shot in the National Park of the title, the rest in surrounding areas.

One of the funniest Craters website materials is the archived link to a local NPR interview that reminds just how long the movie has been gestating. At one point during the conversation, the host marvels at a strange new website called "Kickstarter."

Similarly, the film's Twitter account at press time is frozen in early 2011 time and, like Roger and Molly's car, desperately needs to be moved forward. But it's all part of the local color for this snowbound independent thriller.

[Craters of the Moon]

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