Saturday, April 6, 2013

For Ithaca College Student, Not Quite an Orwellian Nightmare

Among the 11 shorts screening today at the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival's first-ever student competition is Ambert Thibault's The End.

However, Thibault - a sophomore at Ithaca College - will not be in attendance in Lewiston, Maine to gauge audience reaction to her movie about university students inhabiting an Orwellian nightmare. It turns out that she was already committed, on this very same weekend, to volunteering as an intern at her school's Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.

Per a recent Thibault blog item:
Being in a film festival and interning for a film festival at the same time is so weird. Just got called by the Sun Journal inquiring to interview me about my film and was just thinking I need to follow up with the musician I need to interview for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival. It is truly very strange to be on both sides of the playing field...
But I realized something. I now know first-hand how the people I interview for FLEFF feel prior to an interview. This is invaluable information and will definitely inform how I approach people.

In the subsequently published Sun Journal interview, Thibault explains that in her stead today at the non-Ithaca event will be friends and family. Based on her interview, it appears she does not have a real-life "big brother." Just a movie riffing on George Orwell's celebrated view of the term and some unique duplicity today as she puts in some extra hours at the Ithaca end.

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