Tuesday, April 30, 2013

World's Oldest Student Television Station Bags Musical Award

To go along with the diploma Martin Heron recently earned from Glasgow University, there is now also this very sweet post-graduate memento.

Heron's slick five-minute short A Musical GUSTravaganza recently nabbed a Best Video to Music prize at UK's National Student Television Association Awards (NASTA). Featuring performers from Glasgow University Student Television (GUST), the video has cast members lip-synching various bits from famous musicals. Many of the works highlighted date from after 1964, which is when GUST - the world's oldest student television outlet - first hit the airwaves.

Heron told his local paper the Paisley Express that his award-winning project had a Yuletide spark:

“The idea for this video actually stemmed from a short film I made before, where it was people singing along to well-known Christmas songs,” he said. “The film proved popular so I thought of ways I could carry that on and came up with the idea of musicals."
"GUST includes a lot of very talented actors and singers and it was great how enthusiastic they were to be involved."

Heron's prize was one of three won this year at NASTA by GUST. Last year, the Glasgow University station claimed for Best Comedy with Spooning.


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