Saturday, June 8, 2013

Attack of the Blue-Collar Zombies

The title - Dead Man Working - is killer. And the premise of L.E. Salas' movie, screening Saturday June 8th at the New Jersey International Film Festival, is even better.

As Salas explained to The Record reporter Jim Beckerman, he got the idea for this send-up while working as an assistant director in Los Angeles. On someone else's zombie flick:

"I thought, these zombies are taking jobs away from models and pin-up girls," he recalls. "That’s the moment I said, ‘Wow, that is a really good premise for a film. What if zombies came and took blue-collar jobs away? They would be the perfect workers. They wouldn’t need health care because they’re already dead. They wouldn’t need the things we give to our lowest workers.’ "

It gets better. In another stroke of working-dead genius, Salas decided it would be fun to have Noam Chomsky chime in as a talking head. He pitched the idea to Chomsky and the seer went for it, leading to a half-hour interview session at MIT.

Salas has been screening his film at various festivals this spring and summer. Future engagements include the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival at the end of the month.

[Dead Man Working]

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