Friday, June 28, 2013

In the Eye of Hurricane Sandy

After several decades of chasing down New Jersey clients and topics for his production company, David Kaltenbach found one of a different sort last fall on his Long Beach Island (L.B.I.) doorstep - Mother Nature.

In the face of massive Hurricane Sandy, he did what many other filmmakers would: picked up a camera and set out to document the disaster. This Saturday, June 29th, Kaltenbach will debut the results of that endeavor at Viking Village in Barnegat Light, New Jersey, where he was hunkered down for part of the epic weather event.

From his Director's Statement:

"As a filmmaker, I was determined to stay and shoot, hunkered down in my 130-year-old beach cottage... As we drove into North Beach, the page flipped into another chapter. The ocean marched over the dunes and brought the beach to the boulevard. Half way through North Beach, we were forced to back up. The sand, water, rubbish and debris blocked our path. Never before in my 50 years on Long Beach Island did I witness an epic disaster like this..."

Kaltenbach has posted a 12-minute trailer on Vimeo, which gives a very good idea of the contents of his film. It's a mixture of man-on-the-washed-out-streets, scientific information and interviews with various local officials.

What the movie lacks in polish, it appears to make up with the passion of a local, documenting the devastation of his own backyard. The barrier island is no stranger to big storms, having been pounded and in some areas permanently altered over the years by various big ones, most notably in 1920 and 1962.

[An L.B.I. Chronicle of Hurricane Sandy]

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