Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Media Vet's Thesis Film Highlights Iowa Wrestling

A rich vein of documentary filmmaking has been authored by people who came to the field from other visual arts. You can add to this group photographer Tim Jackson.

Jackson spent a number of years capturing athletes in all four major North American professional team sports for trading card companies like Topps, Score, Pacific Trading and Donruss. He also covered the World Cup skiing circuit for Ski magazine and various World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events.

Jackson then switched to celebrity portrait photography, shooting REM, corporate CEOs and other high-level folks for magazine clients like People and Rolling Stone. But these days, he's a student at Ohio University working on his Master's degree in Film Production.

Not surprisingly, Jackson initially envisioned Wrestling With Iowa in 2005 as a photography book. But all these years later, it became instead the basis of his Ohio University thesis film, which is set to debut Tuesday, December 3rd at The Athena Cinema in Athens.

Filmed over five months during the 2012-2013 school year, the documentary follows the attempts of Iowa high school wrestlers Jake Marlin and Brandon Sorensen to win a fourth straight state championship. Somewhat comically, Jackson recently told a reporter for his school's WOUB Media that things have changed for the duo now that they've moved on to the much more competitive ranks of University of Iowa wrestling. "They're getting their butts kicked," he joked.

[Wrestling With Iowa]

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