Tuesday, December 3, 2013

North Carolina Bartender Riffs on Tom Hanks

Imagine if someone decided to make short-film homages to their favorite Tom Hanks films and, in each case, find room on screen for their pet cat Chimay.

Then, imagine if the filmmaker's professional background involved beer and that the film festival event showcasing his films belonged to a local brewery. That - in a bar nutshell - is the unlikely logline for Gary Glancy, a bartender at pub The Poe House in Hendersonville, North Carolina and a tour guide with Travels in Beer Tours.

The first film, Gary Goes Gump, premiered last January at South Appalachian Brewery's inaugural Furry Friends Fundraising Film Festival. The second offering, Cask Away, will debut January 6th at the same event.

In his tribute to Cast Away, Glancy is lost in the Pisgah National Forest. No Hanks movie has been filmed there, however, the list of movies shot prior to Glancy's effort is still illustrious, encompassing The Hunger Games and The Last of the Mohicans.

Glancy got a standing ovation after the January 2013 screening, and once again, all proceeds of the event will benefit the Blue Ridge Humane Society. It's for a great cause; he makes room for his cat; and this year, per a recent interview with Raleigh Times-News correspondent Beth Beasley, there's the benefit of an anticipated surprise revelation:

The character Wilson finds its way into Cask Away, but this time it’s not a volleyball — Glancy is making people wait to see the film to find out what it is. He acknowledges his film is not a technical masterpiece, using the GoPro camera and available light. "I didn’t even have a tripod. I used a rock to steady the camera," Glancy says.

How can you not love this guy? Money raised by the Furry Friends events pays for the spaying and neutering of local animals.

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