Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Kafka-esque Nightmare Endorsed by Jane Campion

When New Zealand experimental short A Dream first took shape, it had the benefit of letters of support from two famous folks.

One was Billy Gould, bassist for the band Faith No More; the other was Academy Award winning writer-director Jane Campion. On the wings of their encouragement, some grant money followed and the 25-minute movie - inspired by the works of Franz Kafka - was exhibited in the spring-summer of 2012 at the Lopdell House Gallery in Auckland.

At that time, the art gallery loop took the liberty of interchanging different portions of the film and presenting them in random order. More conventionally, A Dream was paired around the same time with a local theatrical showing of the horror film Julia's Eyes and now, is being offered for paid viewing online:

Enter the dark labyrinth that is the mind of modern western man and explore his guilt, fears, and self-deception. Eventually discovering, hidden deep down... what he and perhaps we all truly desire.

A Dream stars Dwayne Cameron and is narrated by Stig Eldred, a New Zealand actor who has played everything from Thug #1 in an episode of CSI: New York to Shoulders in Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy.

[A Dream]

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