Saturday, February 22, 2014

Talented Teen Luke Broyles Premieres His Eighth Feature

One of the great things about the DIY revolution and availability of cheap, high-grade digital cameras is that it has made it that much easier for the next generation of Spielberg's. No more Super8 or 16mm; no more photo lab processing fees.

Case in point: Luke Broyles. The eighth grade student at Indiana's Creekside Middle School made his first short at age six and this Sunday February 23rd will unveil his eighth feature-length film, Trapped, at the Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center in Noblesville.

In a recent interview with, Broyles noted that Trapped marks his first foray into the mystery-suspense genre:

"It’s about nine people who are trapped in a room and they have to figure out how to get out and who trapped them in the first place,” he said. “It was hard because you have to figure it all out – it’s a more complicated story." The cast of Trapped included seven new actors and approximately 40 to 50 extras.
"Most were people I know from school, church, friends of my parents or were a part of past films,” he said.

Some will know Broyles from his 2010 documentary Michael, about a friend with cerebral palsy, others from his participation in dozens of film festivals. Along with Spielberg, Broyles cites Alfred Hitchock as a main source of cinematic inspiration, right down to following the director's lead of cameoing in his own films.

[Luke Productions]

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