Saturday, March 15, 2014

Raising Ms. President Inspires Kentucky Teen

After premiering last month at the Brown Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky, 60-minute documentary Raising Mrs. President is slated to screen March 24 at Maryland's Washington College.

Kentucky mom Erin Nevitt took her daughter to the February 25th premiere and filed this report about the immediate impact of Kiley Lane Parker's look at the paucity of front-line female U.S. politicians:

On the way home from seeing the film, I asked my daughter, who is almost 11, her thoughts. She said parts of the film “upset her because it said that Kentucky was one of the worst places in the country to live for women and she didn’t like the remark that one of the reasons was for no freedom of choice.”

She seemed really empowered by the thoughts she gained from the film to not take no for an answer as a career path in her future. I asked her what she thought of the young girls in the film and their words. She summarized how many of them "didn’t think it was fair and how hard it would be to be in government, and she also commented how far women have come since the age when women were not even allowed to vote in our country."

I was impressed with her thoughts and how seeing the film seemed to spark some interest in her to move forward as a young lady in the world and reach for her dreams. In reality, that’s what this film truly is all about.

Parker, a Kentucky native, enlisted a number of impressive advisors for her film including University of Louisville associate professor of political science Anne Caldwell and Richard Fox, a Loyola Marymount professor and co-author of the book It Still Takes a Candidate: Why Women Don’t Run for Office.

Parker was once a writer and production coordinator with Warren Miller Entertainment in Colorado. Her current day job in Kentucky has her working as the director of plant marketing for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

[Raising Ms. President]

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