Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tulsa Typos 'Rumble Fish Day'

It's not quite on the level of John Travolta and "Adele Dazeem." Still, there are probably a few red faces in Tulsa over this mid-week mangling.

Feature documentary Locations: Searching for Rusty James has wound its way over the past year from Telluride to Miami and beyond. When it came home to roost Wednesday in Tulsa, where Rumble Fish - the 1983 movie that Chilean filmmaker Alberto Fuguet celebrates - was largely filmed, the mayor declared March 19th to be "Rumble Fish Day."

There was just one problem. As noted by the operator of Rumble Fish fan site "Wrong Side of the River," the name of Matt Dillon on the proclamation is spelled "Matt Dylan." Compounding the embarrassment in this context is the fact that Dillon plays the character named in the title of Fuguet's documentary.

Rumble Fish was a much bigger hit in Chile than the U.S. when first released. And though not mentioned on Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett Jr.'s document, Rumble Fish producer and Oklahoma champion Gray Frederickson is a big reason why there is, 31 years later, such a day.

Through Frederickson's efforts, nearly a dozen brand-name films were locally shot in the state.

[Locations: Searching for Rusty James]

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